What are the ways to get more email subscription?

What is email subscription?

Email subscription means a collection of email addresses that are used by an individual or an organization for send marketing material to several recipients. In simple terms, an email list refers to the total amount of subscribers you have.

Email marketing is one of the essential resource for any firm or any blogger as it is one of the easiest way to create huge brand awareness and ROI. Trust plays  an important role in email marketing, you should have a social proof to prove your brand only then people would be able to share their personal details with you.

To prove your brand strength you should have a good number of email subscription

How to increase email subscription?

Not all email list would have more than thousand so to increase your email list you should combine the number email subscription with the number of social followers that follows you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. And if you still lack thousand subscription then Facebook ad is a better way to increase subscription.

If you have more than thousand subscription then you should include the number in call to action. As it helps you to prove your brand strength and increase trust among your customers so that people won’t hesitate to subscribe your email. How to include number in call to action? After join include the Specific Number of Subscribers and then who the subscribers are and then what you send them.

How to create a call to action?

Another way to increase more email subscription is creating testimonial. Creating a brief testimonial is very important. The best way to place the testimonial in your email opt-in is below the call to action button or below subscribe button.

Using a meaningless testimonials or just adding the first name in testimonials can decrease your conversion rate so you should use a perfect and short testimonial that fit in perfectly below or above your call to action. These are the simple techniques that help you to build trust among your customers. How to create a powerful testimonial? To create a powerful and brief testimonial you can go through your Twitter mentions, Facebook groups and past email these social media platform can give you some ideas about testimonials, as there is always some positive comments and feedback that we receive from people after posting something or mailing something so you can use any positive comments as your testimonial.

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