SEO checklist for 2021

SEO checklist for 2021 that will help your site to drive more organic traffic and rank top in Google.

  • Basic SEO checklist
  • Keyword checklist
  • On page SEO checklist
  • Content checklist
  • Technical SEO checklist

Basic SEO checklist

  1. SEO plugin

When you want to increase more traffic to your site it is important to use SEO plugin. You can search Google for best SEO plugin for your CMS (content management system). It also helps you to understand the technical stuff better.

  1. Google analytics

Google analytics is one of the best free tool that helps tracking how many people visit your site and the page they are actually concentrating.

  1. Robots text file

Robots is a simple text file that helps search engine where they can and can’t go on your site and it helps search engine from crawling pages on your sites.

  1. Site map

Site map tells search engine by specifying your site main content to make sure that it gets crawled and indexed.

  1. Google search console

It is a tool that helps to track the search performance of your site and for which keyword the users are finding your sites on.

Keyword research checklist

  1. Keyword research is a very important process of SEO. When researching about a topic, knowing the primary keyword is very important. You can find the keyword with the help of a Google keyword planner or by researching what people want to know and also by Google “People Also Ask”.

On page SEO checklist

  1. URL

According to research short URL’s rank better so when using keyword as URL it offers a better insights.

  1. Use H1 first title

Scannability : Using the keyword in H1 helps the reader to reensure that they are in the right site

Link framing: As people often link your page using the title. Inserting the keyword in H1 will increase the chance of receiving links.

  1. Link to relevant topic

You should, therefore, consider linking other relevant Web page on your site which will help you rank higher than those that don’t.

Internal link are also important. Whenever you publish something new put an effort to add them from other relevant pages.

  1. Schema markup

Schema markup helps to enrich a snippet and it also increase click through rates and bring more traffic to your websites.

Content checklist

  1. Introduction

Your introduction should be convincing to readers. As soon as the reader enter your site your introduction should grab there attention and make them believe that they are in the right site.

  1. Short text

Readability is very important as no one wants to read lengthy para. Breakup your content with subheading, image and videos which will help the readers to stick to  the page.

  1. Use short sentence and para
    • Build the content with short sentence and para.
    • Avoid jargon
    • Use simple vocabulary instead of complex
    • Avoid unnecessary verb.

Technical SEO checklist

  1. Mobile-friendly

Make sure your site  is mobile-friendly as most of the search take place on mobile.

  1. HTTPS

When you’re asking for a password or payment information it is important to have a HTTPS as it help to protect visitor’s data.

  1. Broken links

You can use the free broken link checker to avoid broken links in your site.

  1. Page speed

Make sure site loads fast as it is one of the most important factor for ranking.

You can also use tools to check the page speed.

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