A Guideline for Digital Branding

We are living in a world which keeps evolving and changing so adapting to the new lifestyle is important, you can’t say no to it. Same way business, the way of selling thing have also developed and changed so getting adapted to the new form of business techniques is important.

As everything become Globalized the way of building business have also changed and developed. Today everything revolves around technology, it has created a platform for every individual and small scale industry to explore, grow and build a business.

Difference between Digital marketing and digital branding

What is the difference between digital marketing and digital branding? Let’s see, digital marketing is a basic marketing process that focus on generating sales and finding new customers. Whereas digital branding is something that focuses on brand recognition, values and gaining loyalty of the customers. So let’s see more about digital branding in detail.


Branding is process of creating awareness of your brand among the customers. It is like telling your customer about who you are, what your brand all about, what can they expect from it, why they should choose it etc. Telling all this in a short, simple and effective way is important and that’s what branding is all about.

Your image is built upon your brand, and that’s why a branding process should concentrate on building a unique brand identity so that it would be remember by people. Your brand is not just about logo or creative caption, its more than that, it is a set of process which includes website, social media, digital marketing, social media promotion etc. only by proper branding you can create a brand.

Things to remember when creating a brand

About your brand

Purpose and vision behind your brand

What makes you distinctive from other brands

Who you are and your values.

What is digital branding?

Digital branding is about how you design and build your brand in an online platform, using websites, apps, social media, video and more. Digital presence is something that’s very important to build your brand.

As in today’s world we all spend more time with device like phone, PC, laptop etc. We connect to the world around us through internet so taking your business online is one of the best and easiest way to promote your brand, and reach a wide range of customer. When starting a business building a brand should be your first priority.

Benefits of Digital Branding

A digital presence for your brand help you to connect with your customers directly. By connecting with your customers and interacting with them often help you to understand them better and know what they actually expect from you.

Target customers

After taking your business online, customer those who are interested in your brand will start learning about your brand and start interacting with you and if you start listening to all their question and respond them properly and like helping them find information in your website and provide them a quick customer service will help you to turn one time buyers into loyal customers. Being dedicated and loyal to customers is important because that’s what helps to get more loyal customer.

Online world has given opportunity for many business to showcase them and that has increased competition so being best and unique brand is important.

For example: Just imagine a clothing brand selling a product through their store, the shop should be located in proper location, they can get popular only after a long time hardwork but same clothing store with the help of social media as soon as they share a pictures on instagram, facebook or a video on youtube the respond and reach they get is something different and huge.

Important elements for effective digital branding


Website for a brand is very important because anyone who want to know any information about your brand the first thing they do is, they Google it and find more information about it. So as soon as you start a business, the first thing that you should do is create a website with all information needed.

Your website should be simple, effective and maintain a consistency. Avoid using too many color, the colors that you use should match your logo and try to keep your content precise and to-the-point.

Brand Logo

Logo of your brand is very important, it is not just a symbol or a design it’s something that easily gets connected to the audience and create a first impression. So when creating a logo it is important to express your values and explain your brand. And also choose a perfect size and color for a logo

Brand Message

Your brand message should be able to convey.

What’s your brand about

Why should they choose yours?

What’s so unique about it

You should be able to convey all this in precise and meaningful way. And the way of explaining or conveying it differs according to platform like Twitter, Facebook etc. You can’t follow a same pattern of message for all social media sites.


SEO search engine optimization help you to rank top in Google search, it is a process involves keyword research, tags, snippet etc. all this will help your website for better ranking.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about producing creative and unique content. The content you produce should be to the point and engaging. Just imagine no would like read long paragraph so when conveying your brand using content it should be short and sweet. And remember when you want to describe any topic in detail in your site you can describe it separately using blog post.

Online advertisement

As mentioned before people spend more time in online so advertising your brand online helps you to reach a wide range of audience. There are many type of adds like search engine add, social media add, display add, registered add, mobile feed and desktop feed add etc.

Social media

Social media marketing plays an crucial role in Digital Branding .All social media platforms such as facebook , instagram now become as an branding platforms as we can see campaings , branding ,influencer marketing all over the social media.Social media creates engagements and brand awareness which takes brand directly to the customers and it builds a bond between brand and customers.Its a very useful as facebook,instagram,twitter provides wide variety of tools for branding purposes which makes branding easier .

Email marketing

Email marketing is used to achieve loyalty ,trust and brand awareness by sending commercial advertisements,brochures etc .It can  make one time customers to regular customers.Email marketing is considered as it can be reach wider audience directly as well as easily.They are many tools available for email marketing .A proper email marketing strategics can create drastic change for a small business to multinational companies.

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