Saijith Digital Marketing provides you the best professional search engine optimization services in Chennai to promote your business. What do we do to enhance your search engine Ranking?

Here is an outline:

Analysis Your website

Analysis your industry, your competitors and your business in detail.

Initial Keyword Research, pertaining to your ideas, wants and needs.

SEO strategies are made to create On-Page changes.

Our SEO professionals Provide you with website reviews.

Provide Content management services for your website.

Maintaining your SEO Campaign and Promotion.

In depth Campaign analysis will be done and ranking reports will be provided every month.

Through our search engine optimization services, a wider audience can be driven to your website and thereby opening up the gate way to convert more customers

Analysis Your Website

  • First and foremost, we will start by analysing your website. Top to bottom research of all your products, services and the information about your status and progress.
  • Our SEO Professionals the make strategies to improve your status and progress and to ultimately make you rank where you want to.

Here’s another quick fact –70% of the people ignore the paid results and choose to click the organic search.

Your journey to the top of the organic SEO is just a click away. If you think you would rather get your quotation to be on top of organic searches than pay for advertisements, then Click here.


Competitor SEO Analysis

Saijith SEO agency in Chennai will extensively research and analyse your competitors. After all, how do you beat your competition if you don’t know your competition, right?

Our SEO experts consider all the SEO keywords, break down the competitor’s strategy and provide a better search engine optimisation.

Our Professional SEO service providers use white hat techniques only.

 Keyword Research

  • In order to enhance the SEO ranking of your site, we need to work on the specific keywords and phrases your desired customers will search in Google.
  • Saijith SEO firm uses various high-end analytical tools for keyword research and customer mindset prediction to check the keyword search rate and competition.
  • More keywords do not necessarily mean more traffic, The intelligent investment on keywords with huge upside potentials is the secret of success.

 Technical Analysis

  • One of the best features of our top SEO company in Chennai is our technical analysis, after which we make changes in your website to make your website user friendly, relevant and futuristic with videos and moving images.
  • These techniques are proven to increase your conversion rate.


Submission Reports

  • We provide reports and detailed information about the progress of the client’s SEO project.
  • This will include reports of how your website is performing in major search engines (google SEO, Bing SEO etc) for specific keywords or phrases and the lists of various link building and directory submission.
  • A complete analysis of performance is provided to ensure that you understand the progress of your SEO project every step of the way.
  • Apart from regular electronic reports, we have monthly in-person meetings to decide how we proceed further based on your progress, needs and requirements.

Search Engine Optimization OFF-Page maintenance

Constant SEO maintenance is essential to generate results. Therefore, it is important for constant monitoring, link building, online social bookmarking, article writing, press releases, SEO site based promotion, content creation, forum writing, and submission of your website, which Saijith Digital Marketing Chennai can manage and maintain on your behalf.

There is a specific mechanism by which Google ranks you. It uses ranking signals that are very detail-oriented and clever

Apart from considering your keyword accumulation and its relevance primarily, Google also checks for quality images, does object detection, likes videos and gives weight to the visually pleasing and user-friendly aspect of your websites.

The algorithm keeps evolving and it’s important that all the SEO experts in any SEO company stay up to date with the algorithm and important signals.

Our SEO consultants are the best in taking care of your background needs. We have separate teams and SEO specialists to take care of all your off-page needs individually.

Small business SEO is a separate segment of its own. Off-page activities are major lead generators in this case and we have just the right people to provide excellent content and submission strategies with their unparalleled expertise. Our regular research and familiarise all our employees with many updates all over the world.

Why Choose Saijith SEO?

We have a track record for drastically increasing the number of organic visitors.

Only White hat SEO techniques are used (purely manual work).

Strategy & tactics on which our top SEO services are made are bullet-proof, water-tight and push your website upfront despite all the resistance.

Increase brand visibility.

We don’t focus on getting you to the top for immediate report generation and results, all our actions are tailored for long term results.

100% Transparency – no secrets are mis-communications.

Affordable rate with no hidden costs.

We provide a complete package of all SEO services that include E-commerce SEO, small business SEO, local SEO Chennai and wherever you particularly belong, organic SEO, paid SEO. You name it, and we deliver the BEST SEO SERVICES.

SEO experts with more than a decade of industrial experience are responsible and complete the work on time.

Here’s another quick fact – The sooner you get started, the further ahead you will be on the race and the right time is right now. Click here to talk to an expert.

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