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“Our Clients are backbone to lead as in top” Let’s start discuss here…. Saijith Digital Marketing is one among the Top SEO Company in Chennai. We are undertaking many process to keep our client business at the top most place in the business scenario. Our Process are as shown the below… Here is our Process… SEO Process Undertake with Saijith Digital Marketing “Follow your Victory, Growth will follow you back”Analysis Your Website

    • 1.First and foremost we will start by analyzing your website and what are all the products or services your providing.
    • 2.Then we started researching about those products or services.
    • 3.Our SEO Professional will analysis your website and report you how will bring your website no 1 on Google.

Competitor Analysis

      • 1. Saijith Digital Marketing in Chennai will extensively research and assess your competitors, with suggestions on SEO tactics to bring your website on above your competitors.
      • 2. We are doing SEO by White hat techniques Only.

Keyword Research

      • 1. In order to enhance your Search Engine Optimization of your site, you need to understand which specific keywords and phrases your desired customers will search in Google about your product or service that you offer.
      • 2. Saijith Digital Marketing uses various analytical tools for SEO and check the keyword search rate and competition and those keywords will be selected.

Technical Analysis

      • 1. One of the best feature of our company is doing technical analysis which means doing changes in website to make your website with user friendly content and adding videos to your website.
      • 2. By adding these features your visitors will definitely change into your customers.

Search Engine Optimization OFF-Page maintenance

      • 1. Constant SEO maintenance is essential to generate results. Therefore, it is important for constant monitoring, link building, online social bookmarking, article writing, press releases, SEO site based promotion, content creation, forum writing, and submission of your website, which Saijith Digital Marketing Chennai can manage and maintain on your behalf.

Submission Reports

    • 1. We will provide reports offering customers with detailed information about the progress of their SEO project.
    • 2. This will include reports of how your website is performing in major search engines, for specific search keywords or phrases and the progress of various link building and directory submission.
    • 3. A complete analysis for performance is provided to ensure you understand the progress of your SEO project every step of the way.
    • 4. We will then send you a monthly report, which your SEO Professional and manager will come and chat with you about,face to face.
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