The world we live in is confined to many simple ideas to build up a business. But every idea you make, is it unique? No, it can’t be. The ideas you have can be in any form and any type of business. We have to showcase something unique and even if some part of it is unique you have to let the world know about the uniqueness or else the business won’t give any results. This is where marketing skills are needed. To make it clear, let’s take an example of two salon shops. They both do the same work, but who can have the majority of customers completely depends on their skills, uniqueness, payment, and location. We have to let the customers know about them and so comes the job of marketing. The technology has rapidly transformed the marketing industry with a wide platform where we can rapidly grow our business. Digital marketing is the platform where hundreds of rivals compete each other for having a growth in the industry


The future of digital marketing is growing rapidly. The Reuters report says that digital marketing spends in the USA and UK alone is 52 billion and it has risen from the past year by 44%. The meaning is that the demand for marketing through social media platform and through various other advertisements in the search engines are increasing.


The key focus is to give a data-driven decision and methods to explore ways to index the company in the search engine and to present the website in a way that is user-friendly and has to make an impact on your industry. There are various skills needed to make this happen, such as digital psychology (to examine consumer online behavior) and customer experience, visual marketing (video & images), digital analytics. The most important of all is to understand what the trends of the consumer are. We have to stay updated about the consumer goals and how to influence them in making a decision. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman in his book “how customers think: essential insights into the mind of the market, ” says 95% of the purchasing is made by the subconscious mind and it’s all because of the marketing skills. We have to analyze our consumer demand and focus on displaying them the necessities which will surely be useful to them. It’s easy to learn and be successful.


There is a vast number of platforms we can use to influence people based on their necessities. The most traditional and easy way is to give information where the consumer uses most to search for anything. The search engine optimization is the way to index your website in the search engine to the top. We have to analyze the website, find out the competitors and find a way to stay on top of the list. It is the most traditional way to make a huge impact on the industry. The new phase of marketing is using social media for marketing. The social media is a huge platform where 100 million users are actively using and it holds the future of marketing.

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