Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users where 25 million are business profiles .Instagram marketing is the way that brands use Instagram to connect with their target audiences and market their offerings. Recently, it’s gained popularity as an exciting method for brands to show off their cultures, recruit new employees, engage with customers, and show off products in a new light. Instagram can help to grow brand awareness and introduce products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time looking up a brand on the platform. Instagram allows to promote brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to customers.



Social media is ever-evolving and statistics prove that Instagram’s users are indeed much more engaged . Instagram has ton of new business-facing tools and there’s definitely more to come! Whether you manage the social media of a big corporation, a small business, or you’re using it to promote your own personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is best!

Instagram marketing helps to Connect with customers across multiple channels .It helps to attract engaged organic traffic. Instagram increases website traffic, conversion rate and lead generation. It also helps to build a community that comes back time and time again. Instagram are doing more than just generating engagement, they are also driving sales.

Users can add location tags to each of their posts, so if anyone has ever posted a photo while at your business. This means that whether you’re on Instagram or not, some of your customers probably are.

Measuring success on Instagram is quite simple. Of course, businesses can monitor their follower count and overall engagements activities, like views and Clicks. But taking it a step further, built in analytic reports help businesses easily interpret the results of their instagram advertising campaigns.

Instagram offers paid advertising options for businesses. And although you can run a successful account without spending a dime, these advertising features can be an effective way to grow your account.

Business accounts on Instagram have the option of paying to promote their content. This practice is very beneficial, especially considering the above statistics that demonstrate how receptive Instagram’s audience is to these types of advertisements. Another benefit to advertising on Instagram is that the ads are capable of being highly targeted based on a user’s location, age, gender or interests.Businesses can also include links in their promoted posts, enabling users to click to learn more about them.

At the same time Instagram marketing also have some demerits. Unlike most social platforms, you can’t expect to send traffic to your site with every post you make on Instagram. In fact, you can’t include any links in your posts—the only one you can have is one in your bio. This may seem like a disadvantage, and if you were hoping to drive revenue directly from Instagram, it is. And for business marketing, their photos of product can be repost or copying for another parties use it without asking permission .Here Engagement is high, but conversion is low. On Instagram, there is a caption length. You’re only allowed to upload a video that’s 60 seconds long. Also, the ideal length of captions on Instagram is 138-150 characters.

Instagram is only available as an iPhone and Android app .This photo sharing app excludes the mobile users who have Windows Mobile , BlackBerry ,or Linux . There is still many consumers that you will not be able to reach when you use Instagram in promoting your business .Despite the disadvantages Instagram is still one of the best platforms for digital  marketing.

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