What is content marketing and its Types

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy of building a content with consistency and clarity. When customers go through your content it should educate them with proper information about the product. And the content that you produce should be able to deliver the values of your product in an engaging way which helps you to turn one time buyers into loyal customer.

In content marketing the content that you produce should be informative for your targeted audience and that could happen only if you are able to understand your customers and their expectation. So to understand your customers, you should have a proper interaction with them only then you would be able understand their expectations.

When you produce a content it should be unique not the same information that they find in your customer site. And at the same time you can’t post same content for different platform it should change accordingly like for youtube, a video works better and for a website a detailed description works well. You know how important “tone” is when writing a content, parallelly form or type of content is important.

Types of Content Marketing

Let’s see what the different type of content marketing are:

  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Social media.
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Influencer
  • Podcasts

Blog Content Marketing

Blog post is an effective way of content marketing. Having a blog for your business is very important it gives a space for you to explain more about your product. So using that space in a right way is important.

When a customer choose your blog for any information, the first thing that you should think about is the preference they give you, they have chosen you blog over your competitors so the content that you produce should be really informative and unique not the same information that they find in other site.

Blog content should be more than the service you provide, it should concentrate on educating your customer about the product. The content should be new and valuable not the one that they find in other general blogs out there.

Business that use blogs receive more links for their website and receiving more link is something that help to establish your website to a wider range of customer. The blog that you produce should be in a way of gaining trust and loyalty among your customers.

Blogging is a cost free process so even a small business can establish themselves if they use it in a right way and that’s the power of the content.

Video Content Marketing

Video is a powerful marketing technique which helps to reach wider range of audience in a very short period of time. Even though many prefer written content, people who also watch video have increased as it is a less time consuming process

Video content is a time consuming and expensive process but at the end of the day it’s just worth it. A video that is well constructed with proper content can create a drastic changes in your growth. Compared to any other content people get quickly connected with video.

Using videos you can create different variety of content that keeps your audience engaged. Remember the content that you produce should be unique and interesting.

Social Media Post

Social media post is one of the best type of content marketing as customer get easily get connected with it. Even a small business can become easily established and connected with their targeted audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn help businesses reach new audiences and build a healthy relationships with customers. But it also take more effort to build a proper content and find a proper medium to produce it.

Social media is a platform where you find different type of audience together, so their expectation of content also differs. By using social media analytics you will be able to find what type of medium they prefer and publish your content accordingly like video, blogs, post etc.


Infographics can bring unexpected change in your marketing process. A proper infographic can easily be shared and get more backlink for your website. And to create proper infographic should be simple and meaningful

An infographic is about breaking a complicated topic into simple, understandable and effective point, it can also be used to explain a stats and process. And it can be used in both blogging and social media platform.

Case study

A case study is a valuable and effective form of content writing. Case study are essentially a customer’s journey of how your business have changed their life in a successful way. A case study gives an idea for a customer of how your business can help change their life in a meaningful way.

Case study is effective lead as it describe a real life experience of a person who have benefited by your business. You can use the case study on your company website, blogs, social posts, and other types of content as it can help for better understanding of the value your business might provide.


Checklist is a type of worksheet that contain step by step process to achieve something or solving a problem. It provide a valuable information in a simple and effective way to help your customers.

And it can be fitted into a social media pages like blog post. Creating a checklist is a great idea or approach for small scale to reach their targeted audience. It is a simple and valuable content that guide your customers or audience toward comething.

White paper

White paper is a lengthy form of detailed information of data. It is a best way of content marketing for small scale business to gather more information about new leads and to become established among their audience.

Landing page content was created specifically for this white paper download. As people are ready to share information about themselves in exchange of white paper. So it not only help your business to reach a wide range of customer, it also help to create a healthy relation with your customer and gain their trust.


eBooks is another type of long content through which you can share information and values of your business to your customer. People who read your eBook are the one that wanting to know more about your business so eBook being informative and effect is important.

When a person download an eBook they share their personal information and email in exchange. So an eBook helps your business to build a healthy relationship with your audience, it can help a small business to gain trust loyalty and become established.


Having an influencer to promote a business can attract wide range of audience. When think about a content the way of delivering it is very important. There are different set of People get influenced by different type of content like video, blog, podcast etc.

But having an influencer talked about your business is something that is very much different from other type of marketing, as they are someone who are already known by a wider range of audience, so people easily get easily connected with their content. So having an influencer talked about your business is great idea to gain trust among you’re the audience.


Podcast is simple and effective way of marketing. A podcast that built professionally can help to create an awareness of your brand among the audience. A high quality of podcast is profitable way of marketing.

A podcast can be easily built with right equipment and it can also be easily shared in podcast network. So a well composed podcast can create a massive reach which helps to establish your brand identity among the audience.

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