What is AI and its Impact on Digital Marketing?

What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers simulation of human intelligence in machine so that a machine could think and react like human. Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to provide solution for many technology related problems. Because normally a technology weather it’s a software, tool apps etc., it works according to its program, how it has been constructed, it has no capacity to think or work beyond its limit but Artificial Intelligence have changed it, it enable a machine to think and react automatically and that’s why it is considered as human intelligence.

AI focuses on accuracy only few mistakes occurs so it helps in great productivity. With its smart algorithms it can develop the abilities of various data like GPS tracker, voice assistant etc. Using progressive learning (PLA) AI can easily adapt to new input.

. There are three types of AI

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) is developed foe particular task.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is stronger AI which can perform any intellectual task like human.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence it is smarter than human.

AI Impact on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence have already been used in many industries so let’s see its impact on digital marketing. Major portion of digital marketing is about data and Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning helps to manage that data.

AI helps to predict customer behavior

AI helps personalize customer experiences and further it can also predict the customer behavior. AI depends on data management platform and collect the second and third party data, it is a collection of overall user information based on everything that a user does online.

Artificial Intelligence can separate the audience depending on psychographics like interest, preference etc. and demographics like age, gender, education etc. and identify the targeted audience for your product and service.

As email marketing plays an important role in digital marketing, Brands use to modify their email with the help of AI so that they can personalize the content according to the customer behavior and preference.

AI in Content Creation

Weather its social media marketing or inbound lead generation content plays an important role. Both Google algorithm and customer want a content that makes sense and relevant to their search.

Marketers can automatically create a content with the help of AI. Technologies like NLG (Natural language Generation) helps AI in creating a content. NLG transform data into a creative content.

Artificial intelligence can produce data specific content like financial reports, stock updates etc. AI can produce 2000 article per second so creating content with the help of AI is simple and effective.

Voice Search

AI as also helped in development of virtual assistant which is an essential part of online users. Voice search is quick and easiest way to find information. Voice search allow AI to recognize and decode human language. Which allows your smart phone, computer and virtual assistant to understand what you say.

As conversational interface are becoming more convenient than traditional interface. Virtual assistant plays an important role in growth of voice search. Virtual assistant are implanted in Car, Smart speaker, TV’s and earbuds.

Voice search has started changing SEO strategies so marketers need to optimize their content according to voice friendly keyword. It is very important to enhance your site for local search. Create a webpage that provide direct answer for your question because voice are mostly based on WH question.


In digital marketing communicating with wide range of customer is important. So digital marketing needs new method for communication with more speed and accuracy and that’s where chatsbots comes in.

Chatbots is a computer program that use Artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural language Processing) that helps to develop the interaction with online customer. Chatbots can handle several customer 24/7 Chatbots can be integrated into social media pages and website as well. Apple and Google have already developed siri and Google assistant

Customer Experience

Gaining customer trust is very important for a brand and that totally depend upon their experience with the brand. Users get connected to a brand when they find a relevant content and AI can contribute to it effectively by collecting the data and insights on what kind of content work for a particular customer.

AI analyze customer past behavior, location etc. and provide the insights so when a customer go through the content they easily get connected to it. And that’s what which helps in creating a personalized experience for the customer and turns the one time buyers into a loyal customer.


AI can create even more changes in digital marketing and make the process of digital marketing more easy and effective. Artificial intelligence not only helps to save time and money it can also assist a human in human to target customer in a smart way. AI can revolutionize how digital campaigns are executed and measured, using data and analytics.


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