In the last few months, owing to the COVID-19 situation, many functions, ceremonies and events, from concerts to conferences, have been replaced by virtual meet ups. And in the due course, many people are slowly beginning to realising that conducting events online and virtual is not just about the damage control; instead, it actually showcases its own benefits.

So how do you ultimately host your virtual even successfully? Well, in this blog, you will bethrown some light about both the veterans and those who have recently joined the party. Virtual events still sound a little too futuristic, but they have been happening since age old.

From live-tweeting to live streaming of your daily activities, businesses and organizations are staging virtual events across the globe, that could be easily viewed. So, is your company ready to get digital in this new trending world?

Whether you have an event already in mind or if you are looking for ideas, this then this blog is your holy grail.


A virtual event is any organized meet-up that takes place in an online mode, instead of a physical area. These events can range from small Q&A sessions to big worldwide conferences with thousands of people.

“Virtual events are on the rise. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses have been tested time and again. Digital was always a thing however now it has become an even stronger business tool. You either adapt or fall. So, hosting a virtual event is the perfect way to engage and entertainment your viewers. All you need is to keep people hooked,” said Varun Chibber, the founder and Director of Apollo Live Entertainment.

Here are a few tips to help you kick start your first virtual event with a remote audience.


You need to have a solid and sound understanding about who your audience really are. Are they more inclined to take part in virtual event planning? How tech-savvy are they? There are so many more questions you need to be asking yourself, before you build a strong demographic profile.

A few other questions to ask include:

  • What subject areas in your industry are they most interested in?
  • How familiar or active are they with basic social media?
  • What types of offer do they respond best to? (example – discount codes, etc.)

Give and surveys or you could even start a discussion forum to get answers from your audience. It does not actually matter how you do it as long as you collect the information one way or another.


Just like live conferences, virtual event planning comes in many fashions. It could be a seminar with one person taking the stage, or it could be more like a workshop. The role is to revolutionize and create a unique experience, something that is different than what your competitors are doing in order to lure their customers.


There are so many livestreaming platforms out there, each having its own features to outshine others in a way that they could get more downloads. Some of the popular options include Periscope, Facebook Livestream, and YouTube Live, and so on. These services more or less offer the same basic features. It is just that how you take them or understand their usage.


Virtual events have to be advertised just like a typical live event. This is where social media comes into picture. Yes, there are the usual methods of Facebook posting and tweeting. But you will have to go that extra mile and also incorporate other methods.

Perhaps you can use Instagram or Snapchat to show viewers the location where the event will take place. Social media posts can also include links to other contents, such as speaker bios, vlogs, or a tutorial video on how to log into the livestream.


Just because it is a virtual event planning does not mean it should be held at your work place or any official area for that matter. Yes, technically you can do it, and you will save a lot of money. While you do not need a lavish and spacious venue, you still need to find an apt spot with the basics like a stage with a podium and AV equipment.

Livestreaming an event is, indeed, more tedious than ever in this digital age. All you could do is to take advantage of this technological breakthrough to build your audience and bring your brand into the limelight.


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