What is digital marketing? To put it simply, it’s the process of bringing your webpage that ranks down the list to the top. Ranks down what list? Who puts your website there? Who puts your website at the top? Here is the magic answer for all the above questions- SEARCH ENGINE.

So, a major part of our work will be dedicated to impressing the search engine. It’s a must to know what it likes and what it doesn’t.



The search engine likes authentic content and design, something that is not a copy. It can easily tell between things that are original and things that are not as it has access to almost all the content that is on the internet.


Search engine’s algorithms are so evolved that they can check how visually pleasing the webpage is for the user. They appreciate the aesthetic and navigation abilities of the webpage and ranks the webpages which are better at it at the top.


How does the search engine trust you? Other webpages that are not yours should give a testimony that you are trustable. You should be omnipresent on the internet. This can be achieved by taking up a space in other authentic and reputed websites using backlinks.


There are various tags that operate from behind your website such as title tag, meta tag and alt tag. These tags which are embedded with keywords and tell what exactly your website stand for, so that it will be easier for the search engine to recognise you


The search engine also checks how quickly your website can load; this depends on the complexity of your content. The more platforms it can load on, the better it is for you.


It is always advisable to have an XML Sitemap as it permits a Search Engine crawler to index the list of URLs for a website. An XML file contains only 50,000 URLs and size must not be larger than 10 MB

What was mentioned under trust in the above article has a lot of aspects to it.

The other off page building activities include social bookmarking, social networking, Search engine submissions, local listing, classified ads, micro blogging, directory submissions, image submissions and PPT submissions. Each of which is a separate major category in itself. But for a start, now you have an idea about what the search engines really like and hope you got a sense of how important it is to hire a perfect digital marketing agency to impress the search engines.

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