Digital marketing has become a fancy word everywhere around, there is a high probability that you have heard people talking paragraphs about the trend and scope of digital marketing.

Let’s dive a little deep into the profound impact digital marketing has in today’s market and learn exactly why and how you should learn digital marketing.

To start with,

  • The world population is 7.6 billion and the internet has 4.1 billion users.
  • E-commerce was responsible for around 2.3 trillion dollars sales in 2017 and it is expected to hit 4.5 million dollars in 2021.
  • The constant internet usage of adults has increased by 5% in the last three years.

Can you imagine a day without your mobile phones or your internet?

How often do you tend to see people glued to their devices unaware of their surroundings? That is how integral the internet and digitization is now and this is enough reason for you to learn digital marketing.


Having said the “why” of digital marketing, here’s a quick advise on the how.

Digital marketing is pretty much useless if you don’t learn in practically. Most courses just teach you certain case studies and functionalities theoretically, and never really give you any hands-on experience. Some are better than the others and they let you look at the software used. But the best ones are those who teach you by letting you in client projects and maybe offer an associated internship.


1.Business all over the world are modifying their way of existence. They are modifying their marketing techniques with digital marketing methods. The new practices are undoubtedly more realistic, quicker, flexible and has a better reach.

2.One of the primary benefits of digital marketing include its cost effectiveness. Engaging in advertisement in a large scale doesn’t involve setting up banners and putting up posters or telecasting in radio and television. There are simpler, cost-effective and more dynamic marketing methods online.

3.The reach that digital marketing has is unimaginable in offline marketing. Internet shrunk the world, everything and everywhere is just one tap away and through digital marketing, you can increase your customer base.

Apart from increasing the customer base, you can do more targeted campaigns. You can set and target on an audience as specifically as a group of people, belonging to a certain age group, living in a certain area with a specific daily routine and its just one of the many examples of intense targeting. This way your money is not wasted on the audience that will never get converted, whatsoever.


  • This skill is considered most relevant in a lot of places, even though you don’t want a full-on digital marketing job, little bit of this knowledge is useful anywhere you go.
  • You get an in-depth knowledge about how the online market functions and a real grasp of the real world that will help you in many levels (leadership and management)
  • It’s a skill that is highly in demand in almost all firms and that which doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge or a strong foundation in anything beforehand. It is also pretty easy to grasp under a good teacher.
  • You can freelance without much resources and earn in direct proportion to how much ever work you put in.
  • you can get instant feedback from your customers. So, you can improve your services promptly.


       If your main aim is to target a large sum of people, then digital marketing is a good way to communicate.Online promotion is a good trick for today’s world. It is good enough because world wide web never rests.Through digital marketing, you can aware of your customers about your products. If you take a good advertising strategy and promotional tools.Through digital marketing, you can expand your customer reach to other countries in spite of geographical barriers.With the growth of the digital marketplace, various brands can easily reach to their customers.If you start your business on the internet, it may save your time and effort. There are so many ways to stay connected with your customers  and FAQ section.

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