Digital Marketing to increase e-commerce sales

Today, we live in a world where digital market is almost the way people consume products and commodities that may be either essential or a luxury, according to their lifestyle. To make things easier, e-commerce window has home delivery options and cash-on-delivery option, that further increases trust of their brand among the consumers.

To keep up with this growing market space for selling products and commodities, digital marketing can be a mode of practice which might help you to boost the sales and improve better revenue for your customers. Here are some useful tips that might help you to boost your e-commerce sales using digital marketing channel.

Videos and visualization

Customers are now quicker in judging a product by its appearance, and it is always a good practice to keep an eye on the way you do visualization.

Adding attractive visuals and videos about products will give immense pleasure to the customer in knowing about the product. As the saying goes, “Images speak more than words”, try keeping your product listing with some real photos of the products, projected in a more attractive manner for the customer.

If possible, use 3D visuals to give a complete view experience that will improve the chance of the customer buying that product.

Custom filtering of the products

It is more common to list all products as per their category in an e-commerce store, but not all customers need this kind of standard listing options. So, give them the option to filter the products as per their choice to see the most relevant product of their choice.

Also, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a way to find the customer preferences can also help in a great way to predict customer behavior and serve them with more relevant products.

Using Chat bots

Keeping your customers engaged in a suitable manner is of most importance when it comes to managing and answering customer queries. Chatbots can be a game changer if used properly and needs integration with AI to keep it adaptive to changing queries and their patterns.

Follow up with customers

Often most of the customer look for and add items to their cart and for some reason leave the cart, dropping the items which they had chosen. Avoid your customers to abandon the cart by keeping check out process as simple as possible.

Also, take care while charging extra fees such as shipping which might lead to the customer decline the product check out process.

Allow customers to recover their lost accounts, and do notify them with possible email notifications, to keep them informed about their recent unfinished check out items and offer them with discounts to make them revisit the ecommerce site.

Build Mobile friendly site

To keep the site accessible using mobile devices can help you more site visits and potentially can boost your product check out. Also, frequent visits by customers keeps your ecommerce site live and visible to prospective customers.

Follow your customers and give them a chance to talk about using your ecommerce portal or about the products they purchase from your site, using hashtags in social media. Keep it simple and reliable for your customers to make them feel less complex.

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