Marketers of the present day need more of reach with less investment. They prefer to constantly stay connected with the customer in an economical way. Email marketing is one of the best way to connect directly with customers in a most economical way


Email is basically known for promoting products and services. However, email marketing also can be used to develop relationships with potential customers. Despite the rise of social media and unbidden spam mail, email marketing remains as one of the most efficient ways of directly connecting with customer and converting a one-time customer into a regular customer while staying on budget.


Email has a greater reach compared to other social media, this might seem surprising, as Facebook surpasses 1 billion active users and Instagram surpassing 100 million active users, it’s highly enticing to believe social media is the best way to reach the masses but what is not known familiarly is that email has about 3.9 billion active users

Let’s take a practical example in order to log in a Facebook or an Instagram account, you will need an email id. Facebook and Instagram also mails notification regarding user activity. This shows how important is email in the internet world. A research shows that an average person checks their email about 15 times per day. This clearly shows that no other channel has a wider reach as email when it comes to connecting with your potential customer or clients.

Email has a high inbox rate as compared to other social media advertising 90% of your email gets delivered while only 10% of your fans get to see your Facebook or Instagram post

While taking in consideration the audience interest your email subscribers on subscribing to your email have clearly stated that they wanted to hear about your product well, that’s not the case with the other social media you would receive the ads from companies that you are probably not interested. Email is proven that your target audience gets your message.

Most marketers are highly focused in creating conversation with their audience as their goal would be to convert a visiting customer to a paying customer. When it comes to conversation there is no other powerful platform as compared to email. Taking in consideration email’s ability to drive conversation the return of investment of email is high. It is also found that median return on investment of email marketing is 122% four time more compared to other social media marketing

There has been many ups and down in other social media sites, but email has shown a great history of stability. Creating an email list of subscribers is easy compared to that of creating other social media subscribers. This makes email marketing one of the best digital marketing strategy.


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