Digital marketing is still on the increase, with new and inventive ways to promote products, brands, and enterprises emerging all the time. Artificial intelligence advances, the dominance of visual culture, and the desire for instant communication are all factors influencing marketing trends online and on social media.

Below, we’ve outlined ten marketing trends that are influencing the industry, including new technologies and online customer behaviour that we, at Saijith, focus upon.

1. Products and brands that are adaptable

One of the most crucial things to consider while planning your digital marketing approach. Consumers have a direct path to express their demands and goals through comments on social media, and they may make their preferences known.

This is ground-breaking for businesses that can react to the demands and priorities of their customers. This indicates that firms who shape their products to match certain trends for a specific lifestyle will outlast others.

2. The New World’s Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, according to several enterprises and start-ups, as well as data analytics, can give the best answers for how customers navigate an increasingly complicated environment.

Artificial intelligence can be used to create advanced analysis software that can predict consumer needs as they arise, as well as software that can assess data and produce results for a specific target market. These are just some of the uses and advantages artificial intelligence can provide for businesses, and we can use it to create our digital marketing plans.

3. The immediate is becoming increasingly instantaneous.

Individuals who have grown up surrounded by networks and technology make up the society we live in today. This indicates that people’s demands for rapid communication and entertainment are rising.

Generation Z customers, those born between 1994 and 2010, have been early adopters of technology, which has resulted in significant growth. Their lives centre on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, which offer them quick pleasure on a regular basis.

4. Using curating to deal with information overload

Human beings now have access to significantly more information than ever before, but we are unable to fully digest it. That is why, when it comes to information, we need not just a certain level of selectivity, but also individuals we can trust as curators of this knowledge, in the hopes that the information will be useful.

Faced with this circumstance, we continue to look for professionals who can filter recommendations based on certain specialty experiences, ensuring that audiences receive information in a personalised manner.

5. Brand strategy includes influencers.

When it comes to those in charge of curating information for others, we can’t ignore the importance of influencers as a key component of digital marketing tactics. Influencers are persons who have a large online presence and social media reputation as a result of their understanding of specific specialised markets.

They now play an important role in educating and influencing consumer decisions, which implies they should be considered and given some control. We should also urge them to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors since they will spread the word to their millions of social media followers.

6. People still dislike obtrusive advertising.

Pop-up banners and distracting messages are being abandoned. Consumers now do not want businesses to be pushed at them aggressively on social media, whether it’s through promotional tweets or stories on Instagram and Snapchat. Consumers will unfollow the brand’s social media pages as a result of their rejection of the blatant promotional presence.

As a result, we must focus on the tone of our material in all of our marketing, following the social media communications paradigms of the rapid, funny, irreverent, and relevant communication.

7. Native advertising’s popularity shows no signs of waning.

Native advertising is one of the market’s oldest trends. It’s been utilised for years as a natural technique to boost brand, business, and product awareness.

However, as has already been demonstrated, in today’s digital world, it is more important than ever. Because traditional modes of advertising are rejected by consumers, we must rely on this stealthy and effective style to get their attention. These attributes are ideal in digital marketing when it comes to considering marketing approaches for promoting a business online.

8. People are still addicted to their phones.

Mobile devices have made their way into the world of photography, replacing our alarm clocks and providing fast access to social media, music, and audiobooks, transforming them into the primary means by which customers connect and exchange information.

Smartphones and tablets have become our constant companions; thus we must consider this growing addiction when considering our online presence, making the most of their potential through mobile app development and/or maintaining a strong social media presence.

9. Images are becoming more powerful.

Audio-visual resources, ranging from photographs and photos to movies, have advanced significantly in the recent year, and consumers, particularly Generation Z, have embraced this format as a means of storing information.

As a result, we must consider our presence on platforms that focus on visual culture, as well as those that feature add-ins or updates that may be converted to various formats, in order to reach audiences that are interested in visual material through direct and real activities.

10. The popularity of “Augmented Reality” is growing.

The popularity of Pokémon Go, which at its peak generated daily earnings of over $10 million, had two repercussions on the digital marketing company. First, it demonstrated that people are ready for Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, and second, that this industry has a large economic potential.

With all of these considerations in mind, Saijith Digital Marketing agency will begin to fully utilise this format when generating content such as games and advertisements, using the advances achieved in augmented reality.

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